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Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul Daily Inspir...

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The Inspiration You Need to Make Healthy Habits Stick—for Life

Monday is for dieting. Tuesday is for cravings. Wednesday is for getting on the scale. And Thursday is for reflecting. Between struggling with cravings, deciphering nutrition labels, facing the scale, controlling portions, and setting realistic goals, it’s no wondermost diets fail . . . until now. With a dose of Chicken Soup (low-fat, of course!), you can:

Control cravings

Get back on track after straying

Eat out—and enjoy it

Set—and achieve—your weight-loss goals

With tips, motivational messages, and an exercise, food, and mood tracking system, the Chicken Soup for the Dieters Soul Daily Inspirations App will help you tackle the issues on the way to a healthier you.

With the Chicken Soup for the Dieters Soul Daily Inspirations app, you will be able to:

Press the today button to display todays inspiration

Take notes on inspirations in Dieters Delights & Dilemmas

Track your progress with Tales of the Tape

Share inspirations and notes with your friends via e-mail

Search inspirations and notes

Change the font size for ease of reading

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